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YTL has been one of the UK’s leading providers of mobile communication solutions since the late 1980s.

We understand that the right mobile solution is integral to the success of modern business relationships and is increasingly used beyond traditional voice calls; with many professionals using mobile devices to manage their appointments, messaging, email, and video conference calls.


Whether you simply need advice about the best service provider for your organisation or require more complex integration of mobile technology into your existing office systems, we can enable your team to communicate efficiently and cohesively on the go.

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Our mobile solutions include:

  • Integrated systems to combine mobile devices (including iPads and tablets) with in-office systems such as telephones and desktop computers
  • Integrated call systems to re-direct important calls to your mobile devices
  • Consultation around the most up to date mobile solutions and their potential impact on your business
  • Advice on the most cost effective solutions for your organisation
  • Free, in-depth tariff analysis

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