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YTL has been providing high quality, cost-effective lines and calls nationwide since the late 1980s.

Although email and video conferencing facilities have their place, we never underestimate the value of a telephone conversation in promoting clear communication for your organisation.

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We provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective lines and calls, using only the most reputable Tier 1 service carriers such as BT, Gamma and 9.

We offer highly competitive packages on lines and calls with charges and line rentals significantly less expensive than the standard rates offered by BT.

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free cost audit

Our specialist team can provide you with a free cost audit of your most recent itemised telephone bill to show you just how much you could be saving with YTL.

From traditional analogue line services to more modern SIP lines, we will tailor a lines and calls solution to meet the needs of your organisation, significantly reducing the costs of your local, national and international calls.

Download Our 'First Time Phone System Buyer's Guide'

If you need to find a new phone system and you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what you need to know, here is our essential guide for first-time buyers!

Where possible, we will aim to keep your existing telephone numbers, avoiding any disruption to your business. Our solutions include:

  • VoIP trunk (SIP) lines
  • Analogue (PSTN) line services
  • ISDN line services

To discover how much you could save on your lines and calls with YTL, contact us today on 0844 847 0080

To discuss how YTL can benefit your business communications, call us today on 01924 249499

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