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James Clay and Sons


James Clay are an importer of European beers, based in Brighouse with other sites in London and the Midlands. With over 500 accounts on their books, James Clay delivers high-quality continental beer to pubs, bars and bottle shops around the UK.



At the time they were using BT Cloud Voice which they felt was underperforming on certain tasks, certainly with regards to recording and reporting of calls. The system provided no analytics, and those that there were, were few and far between and very manual; nothing was automated. That meant getting visibility of the reporting and management across their locations.  The company needed to take its telecoms to the next level. Having the technology to do this, would provide their management team with a level of confidence that was needed in that area.



The solution we implemented was the Ericsson-LG UCP-100 with LIP-9030 handsets coupled that with headsets, along with PHONE-LINK software. The system offered busy light functionality and a wallboard solution which provides an overview of statistics as to which agent is performing best, the busiest hour of the day and top agent tones. 


Since the implementation of the new system, James Clay has seen great improvement in call handling, specifically being able to monitor call time and how long customers were waiting to be able to place an order. This functionality has allowed the company to take more orders and thus get more revenue through the door, all while making sure that the customers they have, as well as future customers, are really happy with the level of service that they provide.


"We’ve seen the whole area become much more professional. The team are working with phones that are fit for purpose, they’re working with a reporting system that’s fit for purpose"


Alec Kendrick, Head of Operations at James Clay

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