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Yorkshire Telecom (YTL) has been providing business telecoms, mobile and ADSL products, and services to Wakefield-based recruitment agency First Choice Recruitment since 2014. First Choice Recruitment Owner Andy Turner met with YTL Managing Director Phill Burke 5 years ago to discuss their business telecoms requirements. YTL Marketing Manager Lee Pearson visited the First Choice Recruitment offices recently to conduct a case study. In the meeting, Andy Turner stated that it is important for his company to work with a supplier who keeps abreast with modern technology, has their finger on the pulse, offers competitive rates and maintains a good after-sales service. With customer service being key it is important to have the right equipment to provide the best service. First Choice Recruitment places emphasis on having peace of mind in being able to build strong business relationships with a local supplier who was able to meet face to face when necessary. Having a solid working relationship with YTL means that they understand the companies needs and can start to recommend products best suited to their business, therefore, making them more efficient and helping to save costs. These aspects cement a business relationship. Digital transformation can be tricky and at times does not always run smoothly. Having a local supplier also means that if any issues arise the response times are a lot faster.


First Choice Recruitment was established 27 years ago by Andy Turner and Anne Lockwood and is the longest established recruitment company in Wakefield. Over the years the company has dealt with both SMEs and large corporate businesses. Andy and Anne both worked for a national recruiter for a number of years prior to establishing First Choice Recruitment. Their teamwork with a multitude of industries which makes their job interesting. Placing the right candidate in the right job is a crucial task and can have a massive impact on both a business and the job seeker. Building trust and being an expert in your field is what is important in this industry. The process of job-hunting rates as one of the 5 biggest stresses in life along with divorce, death, moving house and disease.  Andy Turner states “Sourcing the right candidate for the job will add value to a business and could attribute to its profitability. At First Choice Recruitment we take pride in this process”. “With over 9000 SME’s in the Wakefield district alone we choose to work with local companies which have really worked for us in the past. We have found that the grass is not always greener when choosing large corporations. Supporting local business means that it is likely the funds will be reinvested locally”.


First Choice Recruitment Owner Andy Turner had the following to say about YTL “We have been working with YTL for the past 5 years and although we have had the occasional systems issue, it’s the speed of reaction and the personal nature of the team that makes sure inevitable ‘bumps in the road’ are dealt with as soon as is earthly possible. At First Choice, we are strong believers in always (wherever possible and assuming the offering is comparable) ‘buying local’ – there can’t be a better example of our Telephony partners who always make us feel that we’re their only client! Why would we go somewhere else?”  

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