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RNB Group

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Leeds-based RNB Group are a growing, successful business that specialises in marketing fulfilment.RNB Group

We worked together with RNB Group to implement a new IT system that would help them to meet the diverse and changing needs of their wide portfolio of clients, while continuing to meet the highest expectations of turn around quality and price.

Why Did RNB Need a New System?

As RNB group continue to grow, the volume of processes that they need to complete daily has increased. This left their old system with limited scope and flexibility. They were also left with increased storage, backup retrieval and disaster recovery needs that could not be met by their old system.

RNB Group needed a new, flexible and scalable system that would help them grow and continue to provide excellent services to their clients.

They also needed a system capable of facilitating a VoIP phone system, Skype video calling and various other business internet needs.

How Did YTL & Biscuit Help?

We worked with RNB Group to implement a new server including two virtual machines that would allow RNB to be more flexible in their processes, giving them the scope to expand without the need for new hardware.

We also installed and configured new network attached storage, giving them flexible and reliable storage that would be able to meet their business needs as they grow.

To complement this new system, we helped RNB Group to navigate the complex area of business broadband. Handling procurement for them and helping to implement a fast, reliable package that would work in conjunction with their new system.

What Benefits Has the System Provided?

RNB’s new server has added flexibility and scope to their day to day processes. Allowing them to continue meeting the high standards they’ve set for the services they provide.

Their new system has also allowed RNB to better use their existing hardware, keeping costs to a minimum while still allowing them to expand.

RNB’s new system has also enabled them to better test and implement system updates without having a negative impact on their live system and services.

What Does the Future Look Like for RNB?

With a scalable and reliable new IT system in place, the future looks great for RNB Group. They can continue to grow as well as serve their existing client base well.

Their new system will give them the scope and flexibility to help their clients meet their goals, continuing to exceed their clients’ expectations.

What Challenges Does Your Team Face?

If you have experienced similar challenges with your current telecoms or IT system and want to learn about how a newer system can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

We work with many businesses across the UK to help them grow; making sure they have the right systems in place to meet their business needs.

We work with businesses ranging in size, sector and location so no matter where you are or what you need, feel free to get in touch and our experienced team will be happy to talk through how we can best help.

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