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Tuesday 1 November 2016

KeycareKeycare have been providing locksmith services in the UK for nearly 40 years. We worked with Keycare to implement a new phone system that could improve their workflow, improve their organisation and management of staff, and enable them to continue providing excellent customer service across the UK.

Why Did Keycare Need a New Phone System?

Keycare had limited knowledge of the types of calls they were receiving, along with the quantity of these calls, so installing a new phone system would allow Keycare to gain this key insight and improve their business workflow, being able to allocate resources more efficiently.

Keycare’s existing system also had limited reporting features available, making it difficult for them to analyse performance and build an even better customer service experience for their callers. Statistical analysis was difficult and time consuming on their old system, and a new phone system would save them time and provide greater insight for their staff.

Which System Did We Use?

We implemented an Ericsson-LG iPECS solution for Keycare, as this would allow them to manage much of the system in-house, removing the time-consuming nature of relying on 3rd parties for maintenance and changes.

Keycare had over 70 different phone numbers, each requiring different greetings, call flows and statistical analysis. The iPECS system was able to handle all of these different settings and numbers, allowing Keycare to manage all of their call flows efficiently and reliably.

Which Apps Did We Use?

We also installed a ContactQ system that would allow Keycare to better manage and report on their calls, solving their issue with statistical analysis and allowing them to improve customer experiences.

With the benefits of ContactQ, Keycare were able to understand why and when customers are likely to call and have been able to adapt processes and procedures to answer calls and queries quickly and efficiently.

Specific Features:

• LIP 9020 handsets

• ContactQ

What Benefits Has the System Provided?

By prioritising agents with specific skill sets, Keycare have been able to improve efficiency in their contact centre, making sure calls are directed to the correct agents. Having a more efficient contact centre has meant that Keycare has been able to improve the experience they offer to customers.

Callers to Keycare often need urgently attending to, needing a locksmith to solve problems that can often be distressing and time sensitive. Being able to handle calls from these customers quickly and with a very high level of service means Keycare are able to reassure customers, understand their situation and help them in the best way possible.

What Are Your Challenges?

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