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Sheffield United Football Club

Monday 18 April 2016

Sheffield United Football Club

We worked with professional football club, Sheffield United, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to upgrade their old phone system in order to find a newer, more cost effective and feature-rich solution that could handle incoming calls from fans, internal communications and also facilitate calls to suppliers and partnering organisations.

Why did Sheffield United need a new system?

Following their departure from a communications system shared with and housed in a nearby business centre, Sheffield United needed to find a new communications solution which enabled all staff to be contactable around their large site - from their offices to reception to team areas - whilst taking advantage of a more cost-effective system.

Due to the club taking calls from fans, their new system needed to be able to efficiently handle a high volume of calls, particularly in peak times as this was determined as vital to maintaining and increasing club support and business growth.

Call monitoring software was also required in order to improve customer service and for training purposes. 

Which system did we use?

We recommended the iPECS UCP 600 as this system enables the club to answer calls more efficiently and importantly, report on performance. This is because the system provides the club with call management features such as central voicemail, auto attendant and email notifications, and a fully featured call centre software solution.

Receiving calls during peak times would also be more efficient as the iPECS system is flexible and offers the ability to change the number of channels available for the club’s ticket sales and admin staff - so when more calls are coming through, more lines are easily added to answer them.

The system also connects Sheffield United’s main site at Bramall Lane to their training ground in Shirecliffe. Over 20 IP handsets are used at the training ground with no compromise on sound quality or features.

Specific features:

  • ISDN 30 - used for additional resilience
  • SIP system - used to manage overflow calls

Which apps did we use?

Sheffield United’s staff are connected across the sites over WiFi, using Ericsson-LG’s mobile application.

A desktop reception console enables the management of a high volume of calls, therefore aiding the club in delivering better customer service.

The call centre solution provided also includes features such as real time reporting, dashboard, analytics and performance metrics.

Specific features:

  • LIP-9010 IP handsets and 100 extension users
  • PHONE-LiNK - integrates the iPECS system with the team’s computers
  • Braxtel 10 user package - call centre solution

What benefits has the system provided?

The introduction of the new phone system has transformed the way in which the club’s staff communicate across their main site and the training ground by streamlining communications and increasing call coverage.

Updating their former hosted system to an iPECS UCP onsite system has significantly improved communications, both internally and externally.

Reporting tools offered by the system also helps the club’s management team to gain much clearer insight into how the business is performing and where improvements can be made.

A stronger, more efficient system has also empowered Sheffield United’s staff to work more productively, particularly during peak times, as well as motivating them to take a more proactive approach in how they work, leading to direct improvements in customer feedback and sales.

What challenges does your team face?

If you have experienced similar challenges with your current telecoms system and want to learn about how a newer system can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options. 

We work with many businesses across the UK to help them grow; making sure they have the right systems in place to meet their business needs.

We work with businesses ranging in size, sector and location so no matter where you are or what you need, feel free to get in touch and our experienced team will be happy to talk through how we can best help.

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