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When Does Your Small Business Become a Contact Centre?

Monday 12 December 2016

Dealing with customer communications over the phone in an efficient and effective manner is essential for small businesses. Presenting your business as a friendly, helpful organisation is important for attracting and retaining customers and your telecoms communications should be part of this.

Understanding the concept of a ‘contact centre’, why they are significant and how your business can benefit from one could help drive your communications forward and improve customer service.

Being a contact centre can give your small business the opportunity to analyse call data and streamline your customer service processes. So what is a contact centre, and how do you know when your small business has become one?

What Is a Contact Centre?

Does your call handling team comprise of 3 or more employees? If it does, then your business can be considered a contact centre. Many people often think of a contact or call centre as a huge team of call handlers, operating complex systems and dealing with hundreds of customers a day. In truth, small businesses are also contact centres.

Even small teams of call handlers need to be able to co-ordinate, share customer data and analyse their calls. When this is the case, your business becomes a contact centre.

In a modern business, being a contact centre doesn’t just mean handling telephone calls. Your customer communications through digital mediums like email and live chat are also important and add to the volume of data that your team has to handle.

Why Do You Need to Know?

So why is it important to recognise when your small business has become a contact centre? When your team starts handling a larger volume of customer communications, the complexity of storing and analysing this data increases. At this point, implementing specialist contact centre systems can improve your business efficiency and allow you to continue providing excellent customer service.

Contact centre software can give your team access to call analysis, so that you can monitor length of calls, frequency and timing to ensure your team is always able to provide the best level of service.

Contact centre software can also scale with your business as it grows, meaning you’ll always have access to the best data and can grow your contact centre team in the most efficient way possible.

YTL: Leading Suppliers of Braxtel Software

So how do you choose the right contact centre software for your small business? Braxtel’s contact centre software can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and is incredibly flexible, offering a solution tailored to your business.

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Not only that, but YTL are a leading supplier of Braxtel software in the North of England. We can work with you to provide a contact centre solution that fits the needs of your business, and will be able to scale as you grow.

Would your small business benefit from contact centre software? Get in touch and talk to us about how we can provide a Braxtel solution that’s perfect for your business.

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