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6 Myths about Broadband Speed for Businesses

Monday 24 October 2016

When it comes to business broadband, there is a plethora of myths out there that continue to be repeated and shared around. Having fast and efficient broadband is essential for any modern organisation and if you are to pick the correct broadband package for your company, or boost your speed, you’ll need to get the right information.

Here are 6 common myths about business broadband that aren’t entirely true:

Myth #1 - “You Will Reach the Advertised Speed”

The speed advertised by a broadband provider usually represents a maximum speed or capacity. You’ll rarely actually achieve it due to a number of factors, so you should never expect to reach the advertised speed and you should plan accordingly.

The main factor that will prohibit you from reaching the advertised speed is the distance of your business from the telephone exchange. The further away you are, the further away your speed will be from the maximum. Try researching realistic speeds from other users in the area to ascertain a more realistic speed estimate instead of the ‘marketed’ speed.

Myth #2 - “There’s No Point in Switching Provider”

On the face of it, business broadband packages from different providers appear similar. They probably offer similar speeds at similar prices, so what’s the point in switching?

Switching provider

When it comes to business broadband, these packages can actually be wildly different though it may not always be noticeable. For example, some will offer added features such as a dedicated VoIP line that will give your organisation reliable internet phone capabilities, while freeing up space for general internet use.

Some packages may include features such as a static IP address. This enables remote access to your organisation’s files and servers for employees.

Therefore, taking a look around and gathering quotes from more than one provider can save you money and provide you with a more efficient system.

Myth #3 - “Unlimited Broadband Is Faster”

Unlimited broadband deals are often perceived to be faster than metered connections. This is, unfortunately, a myth. Unlimited broadband simply offers you access to more data over the course of a month. This means you wont run out of internet allowance, something that’s still important for businesses.

Unlimited broadband is also not actually unlimited at all. While providers can’t charge you extra for going over a certain data usage, they can throttle down your internet speed after a certain point, significantly reducing your business broadband speed. This is usually hidden in the small print, so take note!

Myth #4 - “Traffic & Electrical Noise Can Slow You Down”

One common myth about broadband speed in general is that noise from traffic or electrical appliances can slow down your speed. If your business deals with machinery, plant equipment or anything else of an industrial nature, this might seem worrying. You’ll be glad to know then, that this is absolutely false.


Whilst there have been some extreme cases of noise affecting speed, noise in your office or factory should have no effect on your broadband speed, so there’s no need to take any extra measures that you might have seen recommended, such as insulation or moving your router to account for this ‘issue’.

Myth #5 - “A High Speed Means Lots of Users”

A high advertised speed does not mean more users will be able to access your broadband at any one time. If you are working in a large office, you shouldn’t be looking for the advertised speed to see if you can handle multiple employees. Instead, look at the available bandwidth for your package and see if it can deal with many users transferring data at the same time.

You should also be considering the next myth when looking to boost your internet speed for a large office…

Myth #6 - “You Must Use the Included Router”

Most business broadband deals come with a pretty substandard router. This may be fine for some smaller organisations, but if you have to cover a large office space, or deal with multiple devices at once, the included router simply won’t do.

Included router

Consider upgrading to a better quality router. This could provide your office with faster speeds, easier access and a wider range. Routers range in price and can be quite expensive in some cases, but if there is a marked increase in your broadband speed as a result, it could be worth investing in one for your business.

In Summary…

There are many myths and misconceptions about business broadband speeds. If you want a business network that is efficient, flexible and cost effective, you need to look past these myths and consider the real factors that can effect your speed. If you do have any questions about your broadband speed, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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