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How Can Your Telecoms System Integrate with Your CRM?

Thursday 28 July 2016

Having a telecoms system that is integrated with your CRM can be a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and improving customer experience within your business. Modern phone systems can integrate with Customer Relationship Management systems in a growing number of ways, and taking advantage of these integrations should make life easier for your team.

Here’s how your telecoms system can work with your CRM:

Automated Dialling

DialpadIntegrating your CRM with your phone system gives you the ability to automatically dial numbers from your desktop. Automated dialling allows you to set up a call list that the call handler is able to automatically run through. Being able to plan ahead and put together a more detailed call strategy should help your sales team become more effective and means they can save time dialling in numbers.

The ability to dial directly from the desktop may also reduce the amount of entry errors when dialling phone numbers and allow call handlers to complete more calls in a shorter time period. Changes to customer telephone numbers should also no longer be a problem, with calls being started directly from the system.

Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription allows you to record voicemail messages directly into a customer’s CRM account. This is a great feature for saving time that would have been spent listening to voicemail messages and also ensures that messages are instantly accessible by any member of staff who has to deal with a particular customer.

Having such detailed information available at a glance could also provide customers with a better experience, with call handlers able to respond to their missed calls more promptly and with a full knowledge of their situation and requirements.

Screen Triggers

With screen triggers, you are able to sent conditions under which a particular screen on the CRM system is activated. For example, if a customer calls, the CRM system can match the calling number to the one on file and bring up that customer’s information automatically. This means a call handler has instant access to all of their information, as well as call and case history. There should be no more frustrated customers while handlers search through the system for their data.

You could also set up screen triggers for anything else that would be useful for your business. Such as bringing up product or service information when you receive a new enquiry or opening a new customer account when receiving a first time caller.

Customer Data Transfer

Sometimes transferring calls to another employee or department is unavoidable. In these cases, it’s essential that the new call handler has all of the necessary information available to them when the call is transferred.

Keyboard LaptopBy integrating your telecoms system with your CRM, you can automatically transfer data recorded during a call between call handlers, improving the customer service experience that the caller receives by ensuring that everyone that they deal with is knowledgeable about their case.

Being able to transfer call data also means employees have to spend less time bringing the new handler up to date with the situation and calls can be transferred more quickly, leaving the caller on hold for a far shorter period of time.

Call Recording

There are occasions in which a complex situation with a customer requires detailed information on their case history to be available. Having your telecoms system integrated with your CRM allows calls to be recorded and stored in a customer’s file. This way, you have access to previous calls with customers that can be reviewed to ascertain more detailed information about their situation or problem. Call handlers should be able to deal with disputes more quickly, being able to promptly assess the situation, gather the necessary information and respond to the caller.

Call recording also allows employee training to be carried out using real cases, where new employees have access to realistic situations that they might face and can be trained in what to expect and how to respond.

Calendar Integration

Your phone system can also be integrated with employee calendars on your CRM system. This allows employees to automatically be set to out of office when they are scheduled to be in a meeting for example. Calendar integration should allow for simpler and smoother management of your available call handlers, enabling you to manage which employees are available at any given time and match this to the flow of calls.

Measure Success

Measurement GraphsPerhaps one of the most significant advantages of integrating your telecoms system with your CRM is the ability to measure the success of everything from individual calls to automatic dialling lists.

You are able to assess the return on investment of a particular customer based on call time or the number of calls they are involved in for example. This allows you to prioritise time for more profitable customers or activities. It also allows you to look at the effectiveness of individual call handlers or strategies.

In Summary

Entering data into your CRM system in response to a call can often be problematic. Employees may miss information or transcribe a conversation inaccurately at no fault of their own. Having an CRM system that is integrated with your phone system allows data to be entered and called up automatically and makes managing the system painless for call handlers. Having access to important information when required is essential and integrating your phone and CRM systems could improve your efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Considering integrating your telecoms and CRM systems? Take the next step and get in touch with us for more information.

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