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How Can Telecoms Apps Help You as Your Business Grows?

Thursday 23 June 2016

There are a variety of apps available that can be added to your telecoms system to streamline your operational processes, train your employees and enable you to provide better customer service to callers. There are many ways in which apps, add-ons and features can be used to help your business grow, and as you do, apps can also be scalable to continue providing you with excellent value for money and allowing your business to grow even further.

Here are some telecoms apps that can help you as your business grows:

Operational Apps

Operational apps for your phone system allow you to streamline your business and make processes as efficient as possible. They allow you to implement features that cut down on the time call handlers spend on simple tasks such as entering data.

Operational AppsOperational apps such as voice mail transcription can be very useful for a growing business. Having the ability to automatically transcribe messages as they come through saves your call handlers’ time in listening and responding to messages. It also makes voicemail messages easily recordable for future reference. The time that would have been spent listening to voicemail messages can then instead be spent on more valuable activities such as generating leads. In a growing business, making the best use of your time and streamlining operations is, of course, essential.

Other operational apps, such as auto attendant, will allow your phone system to scale and effectively deal with larger numbers of employees and departments. Auto attendant provides callers with a list of options or departments when they call. Using this feature should ensure that customers are able to reach the correct department quickly and efficiently, as well and freeing up time that your call handlers would otherwise have spent redirecting calls or attempting to deal with situations that don’t fit within their remit. The app can scale with your business to add more options and departments as you grow.

Customer Service Apps

As your business grows, so does the necessity for adding customer service apps to your phone system to deal with increasing customer demand while still providing a high and consistent level of service. Apps that implement custom hold messages will help to manage the increasing flow of calls coming into your business and should be tailored to keep the customer engaged in the call. Placing customers on hold is not always ideal but is often unavoidable and adding custom hold messages that provide callers with useful information, keep them updated on the progress of their call or offer them products or services they might be interested in, is an important part of scaling your customer service telecoms processes as your business grows.

Your customer service apps can also be scaled up as you grow to provide greater levels of customisation and enable you to maintain a high level of service.

Training Apps

Training apps are also very important for keeping a high standard of service as your business grows. They are incredibly useful for ensuring that new and existing employees continue to meet high standards, which as a business expands, can become a concern if not addressed.

Training AppsCall recording apps will allow you to train new employees quickly in the techniques and practices that your business uses, while also providing a useful tool for existing employees to review their performance and pick out areas for improvement. Using call recording apps means you don’t have to monitor as many live calls, which can become more difficult and inefficient as you grow.

Training apps are also great for use with employee appraisals and performance monitoring. Ensuring that all of your employees are performing to the same high standard can become more difficult as you grow but using training apps with your phone system should make the process less complicated and enable you to keep track of your employee’s call performance. You can scale up your training apps as your business grows by monitoring more employees so that you always have access to the level of monitoring as you scale up.

Reporting Apps

Being able to report on and analyse your call data is essential for a growing business. You can identify areas of inefficiency as your operation scales up and keep track of any problems or growing pains that you may encounter. Good reporting apps are able to scale with you as your company grows and provide more detailed information as you become less able to keep track of your business’ performance personally.

A great advantage of using scalable reporting apps, is the fact that as you increase the volume of data you collect, you should build up a more detailed and reliable picture of how your company is performing. Higher volumes of data should make any correlations or trends more accurate and will still enable you to act quickly on things such as unnecessarily long call length, however many employees you have.

Maintaining your profit margins as your business scales is essential for continued growth and effecting reporting apps for your telecoms system should help you to do just that.

Managing Your Apps

Managing Apps

As you grow, so will your need for telecoms apps and add-on features, and managing your apps will become more important. You can use call centre apps and a desktop reception console to keep track of your entire system, manage call flow and analyse all of the data from your system. Having this overview of your whole system will allow you to flag up issues such as unusually busy periods and respond accordingly.

Managing your apps in this way will also enable you to assess how the apps themselves are performing, how well they are scaling as you grow and if any new apps or features may be required.

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