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What Features Are Available on More Advanced Phone Systems?

Wednesday 18 May 2016

For a growing business, having a telecoms system that allows you to make the most of as many additional features as possible can be very beneficial. What features do innovative systems offer to support operations and help boost sales?

1. Find Me, Follow Me

When you’re out of the office, whether you’re walking between buildings, or on a train travelling to a conference, it’s likely that you miss calls that you would have received had you been in the office. Find Me, Follow Me features allow your calls to be transferred to other allocated phones to ensure that a customer never goes unanswered. If you don’t answer your office phone, it’ll call your mobile, then your co-worker - a customer going to voicemail will be a last resort.

find me follow me

2. Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring allows you to listen in on active calls to monitor the performance of your staff. This means that you can monitor your sales and customer service teams’ performance and allows for full visibility over your business.

3. Whisper

Alongside call monitoring, Whisper allows the third caller to speak to the in-house caller, without the external caller (the customer) hearing them. This means that training and additional coaching can be done on the job to reduce the length of time before new employees can begin speaking with customers directly.

4. Call Barging

Similar to call monitoring, Call Barging allows a third caller to enter a phone conversation between a member of staff and a customer and speak with both. This means that, if you hear a discussion turn sour, a more experienced member of staff can join the call to resolve the situation and maintain good client relations.

5. Call Recording

A common feature of innovative phone systems, Call Recording allows you to record all of the calls your team makes, so performance monitoring can be undertaken efficiently at any time, and having calls saved means that they can be referred back to in appraisals, or used as examples in future staff training sessions.

6. Voicemail Transcription

Even with a team of people answering calls, chances are, you’ll still spend plenty of time listening to voicemail messages. With Voicemail Transcription, your staff will be able to quickly read an email instead of having to listen to a message, meaning that queries can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently.

voicemail transcription

7. Auto-Attendant

With Auto-Attendant, before a caller is put through to a member of your team, they are presented with a list of departments they can choose from. This will prevent your team from having to spend time forwarding customers to the right person and allow them to focus on customer service instead.

8. Custom Hold Messages

Innovative phone systems now give you the ability to choose the music or messages you play to your customers while they are on Hold - as well as the ability to update this whenever you see fit. This means that you can promote current discounts or new products to help increase sales.

9. Caller ID

Having a system in place that has Caller ID will mean that your team knows who’s calling so they can prioritise tasks. If they can see that a client is calling, they can be answered straight away, whereas unknown callers and telemarketers can be left to leave a message, meaning that time won’t be wasted on unnecessary calls.

10. Conference Calling

While this might not be a feature you use everyday, a system that allows easy Conference Calling will mean that your team can efficiently hold meetings over the phone, while saving time and money on travelling to different locations.

11. Battery Backup

In the case of a power cut, battery backup will ensure that your team are still able to make and receive calls with customers and clients until the electricity in your office is working again so that your business doesn’t lose any business due to downtime.

12. Reporting Tools

Phone system reporting tools provide you with key KPIs that allow you to measure your employees’ performance and help you identify any key areas of improvement that could help boost sales and encourage business growth.

reporting tools

13. Desktop Reception Console

A reception console that can be accessed on your teams’ computers will enable the management of a high volume of calls, meaning that your staff will be able to maintain high quality customer service and increase sales during peak times.

14. Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding ensures that customers’ calls won’t go unanswered. If a call gets put through to a busy line, or the line it goes through to isn’t answered after a set number of rings, it will be transferred to a different line, therefore preventing a customer from abandoning the call due to a lack of response.

15. Easy Expansion

Newer, more innovative phone systems are much more easily scalable than their older counterparts. A new, robust telecoms system will allow you to add new extensions so that, as your business grows, your comms system is able to grow with you.

Supporting Business

Phone systems are an investment, so it’s important that you have features and apps in place that help to automate or make everyday tasks for your staff easier in order to support business growth.

To learn more about how a strong phone system can improve business efficiency, read our previous blog post, or read about how you can benefit from YTL’s systems.

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