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How Can a Strong Phone System Increase Business Efficiency?

Thursday 14 April 2016

Growing businesses are always looking for new ways to increase productivity and efficiency, and having a strong phone system in place can help you to do this. Here are some of the ways that a strong system can help your business.

Less Chance of Downtime

A newer, stronger phone system will be less likely to break down and leave your team without access to their phones.

Having a robust, reliable system in place will significantly reduce the downtime you experience, meaning that your staff will be able to carry out their work without having to worry about not being able to make or answer important calls.

The more downtime you experience due to an unreliable system, the more time has to be spent sending emails back and forth with clients and business partners or delaying tasks because they would need to speak with someone over the phone in order to complete them.

Less Time Spent on Repairs

An older phone system is more likely to require repairs than a newer system, which can really eat into your IT team’s time.

Because your business is less likely to run into issues when using a newer system, your IT team won’t have to spend the time they have in the past trying to repair your phones, or liaising with your telecoms provider to find a solution. This means that they can focus on other work and not have to postpone any other jobs due to problems with your telephone system.

Calls Won't Jump or Cut Out

When your customer service team are on a call, or when the sales team are explaining your product, there is nothing more frustrating for the people on both ends than when the call jumps, or the line goes dead completely.

Ensuring that you have a system that won’t interrupt your call means that your staff won’t have to spend more time than they need to on a call because they’re having trouble communicating. More importantly, calls with no interruptions will prevent your customers from having a negative experience.

Additional Features

  • Auto-attendant - Having an auto-attendant feature on your system allows anyone who calls your company to select which department they would like to speak to before the call is put through. This can make receiving calls much more straightforward both for your team and your customers, as less time will be wasted trying to determine who is best to take the call.
  • Call forwarding - Of course, not everyone will be able to determine exactly which department they need at first, so even with auto-attendant, you can expect that some calls won’t be directed to the appropriate person. In this scenario, having easy, efficient call forwarding will allow your staff to pass on calls to other lines, instead of needing to ask the customer to call back and select a different department, or contact the right person in-house and ask them to ring. This will not only save time ending and starting new calls, but will also prevent any negative feeling from customers who you couldn’t forward on to the right person.
  • Whisper - If your business operates mostly using phones, then a feature such as Whisper can be hugely beneficial, especially if you are often hiring and training new staff. Whisper allows a third person to listen in on a call, and speak to the other member of staff without the external caller hearing them. This will allow your team to easily mentor each other, or give newer employees guidance when on a difficult call so they won’t spend longer than they need to trying to explain something or because they are struggling to understand the situation. Whisper can also be used effectively in training so you can put your newer staff on live calls earlier than you might currently do because you will both have the assurance that there is someone on hand to guide them.
  • Find Me, Follow Me - Newer phone systems, which allow for mobile use, can increase business efficiency as features such as Find Me, Follow Me allow your team to take calls on the go. If your managers are scheduled to travel to a conference in a different county, but are expecting an important call from a business partner or client, they won’t have to stay chained to their desk, waiting for the call. Being able to answer work calls on their mobile will mean that they have the freedom to travel to locations outside of the office and still be reached - without needing to give out their personal mobile number to clients.

If you would like to learn more about phone system features, read our previous guide on six features of a phone system that will increase sales.

How Can Your Business Benefit from a Strong Phone System?

Whether you’re looking to streamline training for new employees, or help to speed up day to day tasks for your wider team, having an up to date phone system can help increase efficiency and aid business growth. If you’d like to learn how we can help improve your business’ efficiency, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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