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Toshiba Have Announced Their Withdrawal from the UK Telecoms Market Place

Thursday 17 March 2016

One of the leading UK telecoms suppliers have announced in the trade press that they will be withdrawing from telecoms in the UK. This may have a significant effect on existing Toshiba systems used by businesses and so it’s important to know how best to adapt to this change.

If you have a single telecommunications provider, such as YTL, you will likely have access to their expert advice on what to do next and what options may be available for your situation specifically.

A lack of hardware, resources and support

As Toshiba will no longer be creating systems and offering extensive hardware, resources or support, this means that if you have a Toshiba system currently, then you are likely to be at risk if your system suffers any problems.

If you need a new part or repairs, they may be harder to get hold of and you may have to wait longer than usual. If this was to happen during a busy day in the office, your business could experience a prolonged period of downtime which could unfortunately damage sales and communication. If you are interested in finding out how a system downtime could affect your business, you can use our free downtime calculator tool.

The importance of a single telecoms provider

In a situation like this, it can be beneficial to have a single telecoms provider who can manage the switch and make any arrangements for any cancellations on your behalf. At YTL, we work with our clients closely to make sure we know and understand their business and what it needs. Each business is different and so we tailor our approach according to the demands of the business.

What should you do?

Whilst we recommend that you consult with your IT team or telecoms team, we are recommending to the majority of our clients that they move to a different telecoms system. Due to the lack of resource available if your Toshiba system breaks and needs repairs, it may be more cost-effective and easier to invest in a new system now instead of waiting until you experience challenges.

Phill Burke, our Managing Director, has said that “we have seen this before with overseas manufacturers exiting the UK. NEC did it back in the 90s and it effectively left their clients and resellers high and dry. I feel that we should just ask anyone with a Toshiba system to get in touch and let’s see how we can help them.”

If you want more assistance in determining what should be your next move, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options.

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