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How Can Strong Broadband Increase Productivity in the Workplace?

Monday 8 February 2016

We all know how much business relies on the internet. Ensuring your broadband is strong enough for the needs of each team member is vital. So how can strong broadband increase productivity?

How does your business use the internet?

  1. Internal Communications - If your team’s internal communication is by email or through an instant messaging platform, they will need assurance that they can ask a coworker for assistance without running the risk of their connection being too slow to send their message right away.
  2. Client Communications - If you are in frequent contact with clients, the efficiency of this will depend on your broadband. A weak connection can really slow down and frustrate your team when they’re trying to send important emails.
  3. Customer Service - If you offer customer service through social media or a live chat feature on your website, a strong connection is vital in ensuring queries can be answered promptly, and action can be taken with no delay. Without this efficiency, customers can quickly lose faith in these communication platforms.
  4. Research - Having strong broadband in place will mean your staff can conduct any required research efficiently with very few to (or ideally, no) obstructions, ensuring that your business can continue to progress.

How will strong broadband help your team?

  1. Having strong broadband in place will increase your connection speed. The less time your team need to spend waiting for pages to load, or for collaborative documents to save, the more time they can spend working on their tasks.

    When your staff are busy, the last thing they need is for the internet connection to slow down and prevent them from completing their work.
  2. Strong broadband will minimise downtime. If your business doesn’t have a strong system in place, this can often mean that there will be times your connection isn’t only slow, but goes down completely. When your internet connection is lost, this can seriously impact the volume of work your staff are able to complete, and not being able to reply to incoming emails can cause frustration on both sides. Minimising your chances of downtime will also minimise the chances of your staff postponing projects because they’re not able to continue working on them.
  3. A stronger system won’t be compromised by the size of your team. As your business grows, and you add new members to your team, you will need strong broadband to ensure that your connection speed won’t be affected by more people using the internet at the same time.
    A weak connection will slow down further and further as more people start to use it, so to keep productivity high and reduce wait times, having a fast connection is vital for business growth.
  4. VoIP systems require strong broadband. Because VoIP phones make calls over the internet, the strength and speed of your connection will determine if you can use VoIP, as well as how many lines you are able to support without impacting on the quality of the audio.
    If you do want to use VoIP, as opposed to a traditional phone system, and have multiple members of staff who require regular use of a phone, you will need to invest in strong broadband to ensure that they will be able to make and take calls as soon as they need to.
  5. Stronger broadband will improve relations. With a fast internet connection comes the opportunity to benefit from video conferencing tools, meaning that you can easily speak ‘face to face’ with team members and clients in a cost effective way.
    If you have business partners or clients who are located far from your office, you may find that they can’t make it to as many meetings as you would like, and when one of you does travel, it can be costly. Being able to speak with partners and clients through video conferencing allows more time to be spent working on strategy and other projects, and less time organising transport and travel times.
  6. A strong system will aid collaboration. By having a fast connection that doesn’t slow down when multiple users are online, this will increase the opportunities for your team to work together on collaborative projects.

    If multiple team members are able to access and work on an online document at the same time, work will becompleted more quickly and efficiently, as less time will need to be spent sending documents back and forth with amends.

Is your system strong enough?

From streamlining communications and ensuring shorter wait times to minimising downtime- strong broadband increases the time that your team can spend working on the tasks they need to complete and opens up opportunities for better collaboration and efficient teamwork.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help increase your company’s communications and productivity, give us a call.

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