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5 Features of a Productive Team

Monday 21 December 2015

MeetingEvery business wants, and needs, a productive and effective team. However, the perfect team won’t happen on its own - time needs to be taken to make sure the right people are taken on, and that the culture of the team is maintained.

A more efficient team will mean that more work is completed, to a higher standard, in a shorter amount of time - increasing the performance of your business as a whole, and generating revenue.

So here are five key features of a productive team:

1. Open and Proactive Communication

A productive team will be one that has a culture of open communication, and are comfortable speaking with each other.

Members of the team will support one another and offer help and assistance before being asked to do so. They are able to acknowledge when their workload is too heavy to take on more, but they will be available to help their colleagues, and give advice on how to approach a task, when they need it.

Members of a productive team will also give updates on the projects they’re working on so everyone involved is up to speed with what is happening in the business. This also allows for other team members to start any subsequent work, as they will know when they are at a point where this needs to be done.

Not only does consistent, open communication make for a more close-knit team who are comfortable and happy to work together, it also means that work can be completed to a higher standard as individuals won’t be afraid to ask for help when they need it.

There are many more advantages to this element of having a proactive team, as summarised nicely by Marquee Staffing’s blog on open communication.

2. Similar Mindset

In order to be effective in reaching your goals as a business, your team will need to have one common goal.

Each member, while having their own personal goals and ambitions, will want the same things for the future of the business. They will all want the business to move forwards in a similar direction, and will be enthusiastic about working together to make that happen.

They also will understand how one another reacts to different situations, and how they work best, so they will know the most efficient and effective way to work with each other. This means that in any situations where action needs to be taken urgently, panic can be avoided, and the issue can be quickly remedied.

If you would like to learn more about how having a shared vision can benefit your business, this article on the importance of inspiring a shared vision can provide some valuable insight.

3. Encourage Development and Improvement

A productive team will be able to comfortably and confidently give each other clear and helpful feedback on their work in order to help them improve and achieve the best possible outcome. Each member of your team will also be open to the feedback given to them, and will view it as constructive and helpful as opposed to personal criticism.

Team members will also encourage each other to develop their skills and abilities, and will always help them to do this any way they can, whether it be allowing time for extra training, or mentoring others themselves. This will help to further develop different aspects of the business as more skilled staff will allow for further focus on more specialised areas.

They will acknowledge that different members of the team will have different skill sets and abilities, and they will embrace and celebrate this diversity.

According to a recent study, when team members are encouraged to help each other and do things to benefit each other, they perform higher and stay in their teams for a longer period of time.

4. Decision Making

An important part of any team, regardless of industry, is a clear path to making a decision.

A productive team will have a hierarchy of staff, with an integrated decision making system within it. Everyone will know who to speak with if a decision needs to be made, and who deals with making decisions for different aspects of the business, for example, the financial director is likely to make decisions regarding budgets.

While the decision may sometimes be left to the person who raised the issue, having a go-to strategy (and go-to person) for decision making, means that action can be taken quickly and efficiently, without needing to lose time unnecessarily to find the right person to make the call.

5. Work Together

Similarly to having open communication throughout the team, a productive team will work together to generate ideas.

Everyone involved in the project will be asked for their thoughts on the direction to take, and the best parts of everyone’s ideas will be taken forward and considered. The team will also be open to giving ideas even if they are unsure of the viability or effectiveness of them, and they will be able to work together to decide whether the idea will work or not - they will also be comfortable dismissing ideas that they know wouldn’t work.

This process means that the result will be a collective effort, bringing together the strongest aspects of each individual’s viewpoint, as well as ensuring that each team member feels valued - which is vital in keeping your team at its best.

Do you have a productive team?

Your team is the core of your company. Without a productive and efficient team, you simply can’t have a productive and efficient company. Even something as small as team social events a couple more times per year can help to bring your team together, and in turn, improve performance and strengthen the way you work together.

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