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Why Is The IT Manager One Of The Most Important People In A Telecoms Installation?

Friday 14 August 2015

When looking to install a new telecoms system for your business, it’s not uncommon to assume that an external telecoms provider would take care of the entire operation. But there are many key players of your organisation that can help with the transition and your IT manager is definitely one of these. But why do we think that the IT manager is so important?


The IT manager knows your business needs.

Your IT manager is an internal team member who has likely worked within the business for a long time. Because of this, they will have a good knowledge of the needs of the business, the value of an efficient telecoms system, and the features that you will require from a new system. They know how the business expects to grow and they know IT features are needed to facilitate this.

This means that they will be able to work alongside the telecoms provider to find the perfect system for your company’s needs.

The IT manager knows your existing telecoms system

Your IT manager will already know the ins and outs of the current system you have in place.

Many businesses overlook the importance of ensuring that their telecoms provider works with somebody who has a good knowledge of the current system.

However, their involvement is key in time saving – they already know which aspects of your system work well for your organisation and which simply don’t cut it.


The IT manager has a broad range of technical knowledge

Your IT manager’s technical knowledge will mean that they will know the right questions to ask – and have the confidence to ask them.

Their broad technical knowledge alongside a telecoms provider’s niche knowledge of telecoms will ensure that your company gets the right system and that the installation is the best it can be for your business.

Additionally, because your IT manager knows what they’re talking about, they can hold your telecoms provider accountable in the off chance that something goes wrong - which keeps everybody honest and transparent.


The IT manager can maintain the telecoms system

Finally, your IT manager will be able to look after your new telecoms system post-installation on an ongoing basis, with the help and support of the telecoms provider, therefore making the post-installation process much easier and more efficient for your business.

Does your telecoms provider work with your IT manager?

In looking for a new telecoms system, it can be easy to forget to include the team members you already have - especially those who work on your system every day. Remembering these key aspects of the process will help you to keep in mind that your IT manager is just as vital as your provider.

If you are looking for a new telecoms system and want your telecoms provider to work honestly with your IT manager, get in touch.

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