January 20th, 2020


2019 brought us mechanised selfie cameras, in-display fingerprint scanners, variations of the notch and multiple cameras. The headphone jack lost its place from mainstream smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy devices and foldable phones made an appearance.


2020 could mark the true coming-out party for high-speed 5G connectivity. The reason can be summed up in two words: 5G iPhone. Apple is widely expected to be planning its first 5G-capable iPhone model—or models—for the fall of 2020. In tandem, the major carriers are planning significant rollouts of 5G networks next year. While smartphone vendors such as Samsung have already launched 5G-capable models, that company and the other major phone vendors are all likely to get into the 5G game as the carrier deployments get more widespread in 2020.

Dual screens, foldables and high refresh rates

Samsung and Motorola generated a whole lot of buzz with their folding screens and that has brought more companies on board. Not all the upcoming smartphones will have bending OLED panels though – Microsoft’s answer to foldable devices are two separate nearly-bezel-less screens linked together with a hinge, as seen with the Microsoft Surface Duo and Neo. Expect to see many more high refresh rate screens in 2020 like the 90Hz OnePlus 7T Pro and Google Pixel 4. The Snapdragon 865 now supports 144Hz displays for Android apps.

"Always-Connected" Devices

There's been a slow build in recent years of "always-connected" devices, such as tablets and laptops, which can connect to mobile, essentially replicating the key functionality of smartphones in a larger form factor (and typically with a keyboard option). Signs are pointing to 2020 as the year when the trends becomes even more prevalent thanks in part to the spread of 5G availability.

Impressive camera phones

Cameras have always been on top of the priority list when buying a smartphone. Apart from the powerful sensors, the look and placement of the lenses elicit gorgeous designs. Its adds an instantly identifiable look to the smartphone. The square and rectangular mounted cameras will continue to be the smartphone trends in 2020 as well. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite both feature the same camera design like Google Pixel 4. And, you can experience next-level photography with the S10 Lite smartphone. 

Gaming phones

In 2020, users can find a dedicated gaming mode on primary flagship phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the Google Pixel 4. Also, there are several phones that are built from head-to-toe for gamers, including the Nubia Red Magic 3S, Asus ROG Phone 2, and Black Shark 2 Pro. 

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